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Jan 18, 2019

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Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver of Group 46:10 Real Estate Network made the move in 2018 to eXp Realty. It's not just about revenue share! It's about collaboration, and real estate agents and teams supporting each other. Plus, there are so many great training and development opportunities in eXp's cutting edge technology, eXp World.

Kevin & Fred can't stand the way some agents talk about eXp. They have heard all the reasons not to switch to eXp, and they used to believe they would never consider joining eXp! But then they learned more about it. It's not all about recruiting. There are so many benefits to eXp whether you are a brand new agent, an experienced team leader, or any one in between! Learn more in this interview with Kevin & Fred!


Kevin & Fred are the creators of Group 46:10 Network, Short Sale Power Hour,, and Check them out at or on Facebook, Instagram, & their regular Youtube Channel.

They also spearheaded the profit share giveaway challenge, recognized by Inman - check it out here: