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Feb 18, 2019

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Bill and Kristin Ervin are newer to real estate and they were drawn to the excitement and potential of eXp Realty! eXp Realty offers collaborative revenue share, which is appealing, but Bill and Kristin also cite the mentorship, support, training, tools, and magnetic energy of every eXp Agent they have come into contact with. eXp Agents are so happy it's almost disruptive!

There is so much potential and excitement around eXp Realty, and Bill and Kristin can't wait to do something really creative with this brokerage. They aren't looking to be your average real estate agent - they want to bring their external skills, talents, and experience to the table to really embrace this special opportunity.

Wondering about eXp Realty vs. Keller Williams? Bill and Kristin love KW, and they have all good things to say about it. You can sell real estate at any brokerage - but what makes eXp Realty different for your career?

Learn more in this interview with Kevin & Fred!


Kevin & Fred are the creators of Group 46:10 Network, Short Sale Power Hour,, and Check them out at or on Facebook, Instagram, & their regular Youtube Channel.

They also spearheaded the profit share giveaway challenge, recognized by Inman - check it out here: