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Feb 22, 2019

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Knolly Williams, well known KW Agent and real estate coach & trainer, has been an entrepreneur since he was 13 years old and a business owner since he was 22. Previously the owner of a massively successful music company that went under with the change in industry to the digital age, he has learned many lessons in business and now does extensive research on the future of his industry.

When he entered Real Estate, Uncle Knolly quickly became a top producer and loved to give out free advice. Soon he became a well known national real estate coach and trainer.

After 10 years at Keller Williams, recruited by Gary Keller himself, he has done the research and concludes that eXp Realty is the future of the real estate industry. The digital era is here, and it's taking over!

Brick and mortar is dying! Clients don't care if you have a physical office. And agents want to see return on the value they are giving their brokerage. eXp is the answer.

Knolly Williams also describes the enticing stock options, and the differences between Profit Share and Revenue Share... and explains why Revenue Share is much more exciting for him!

Learn more in this interview with Kevin & Fred!


Kevin & Fred are the creators of Group 46:10 Network, Short Sale Power Hour,, and Check them out at or on Facebook, Instagram, & their regular Youtube Channel.

They also spearheaded the profit share giveaway challenge, recognized by Inman - check it out here: