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Feb 15, 2019

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Duane Louton watched as several big industry disruptors were all switching brokerages to eXp Realty... and he wanted to be where the big names were going! This brokerage offers an opportunity for real estate agents and teams to collaborate in ways they could never do under another business structure.

Are there other agents or teams that you would love to find a way to work with, but without combining legal names, profit & loss statements, and more? Duane Louton loves eXp Realty because agents and teams are literally incentivized to work together and support one another through their business structure and revenue share program and sponsorship opportunity.

Learn more in this interview! Due to some audio issues, this episode has been edited from the original Facebook Live version to remove dead air or incomprehensible dialogue.


Kevin & Fred are the creators of Group 46:10 Network, Short Sale Power Hour,, and Check them out at or on Facebook, Instagram, & their regular Youtube Channel.

They also spearheaded the profit share giveaway challenge, recognized by Inman - check it out here: