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Jan 18, 2019

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Meet the Franklin Team from Houston, Texas. They closed 630 units last year at over 220 million dollars in volume. They were the 10th top team in Remax last year, and number 55 overall nationwide. This team is massive!

When considering the move to eXp Realty, they asked themselves, are we competitors or are we collaborators? Instead of looking at other top producing agents and teams as the competition, they wanted to find ways to collaborate, work together, and build a brighter future for the industry as a whole.

This is a big decision, and the Franklin Team did not take that responsibility lightly. It may feel risky at first to make a change this big, but when you really consider it, the risk is actually in continuing to do things the same way you’ve always done them! Times are changing, and eXp Realty is the future of real estate!

This cloud-based company with cutting edge technology appealed to the Franklin Team and their huge build partner clients. The Franklin Team also loved that eXp Realty provides the opportunity to take care of their team of agents as well, offering passive income and investment opportunities that you just can’t get at other brokerages.

You may have heard the rumors that eXp tried to “buy” the Franklin Team with gifts of extra stock holdings, but the Franklins want to dispel that myth and emphasize that not only did that never happen, but this was never as small as stock bribes or as bean-counting as any real difference in fees (the fee structure is extremely comparable to where they were coming from!), this move was about the BIG PICTURE. eXp Realty offers massive teams like the Franklins a place to grow and to build the future.

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Kevin & Fred are the creators of Group 46:10 Network, Short Sale Power Hour,, and Check them out at or on Facebook, Instagram, & their regular Youtube Channel.

They also spearheaded the profit share giveaway challenge, recognized by Inman - check it out here: